About us

 How often in practice, do we hear the instructor mention alignment?

If our hips are not properly aligned or our movement patten is not correct, our joints will be exposed to extra forces and friction. 

Sweat Matterz understand the benefits of Yoga and Pilates and the importance of body alignment. The GRID (patent pending) mat and towels serve as a landmark for proper placement of the user’s body parts when performing certain postures and exercise.

Our vision is to design and create ergonomically, environmentally, and vegan friendly products. We’ve developed products that are responsive to the needs of the Yoga and Pilates Community by bringing awareness to proper body alignment. 

Our Founder

Josea Marrello was born and raised in Kitsilano, Vancouver an area known for its’ active Yoga community. Her passion for Yoga started 20 years ago in a 90 min hot yoga class. Although she had always been physically active she experienced challenges in the new poses and the discipline of the practice. 

Despite the incredible benefits of Yoga on body, mind and spirit; the practice did cause physical issues. Over time she experienced tightness, sciatica and lower back pain. 

Visits to her Chiropractor did offer short term relief, but the problems continued to reoccur. Through consultation and a review of the poses, her Chiropractor advised her that many people develop injuries over time from improper technique and stance.

One day while speaking with a Yoga teacher training instructor, she heard that they would mark the mats with masking tape when teaching poses to new Yoga teacher trainees. That conversation with the trainer, combined with her own experiences became the vision to create a ‘grid’ on Yoga mats and towels that would make Yoga practice more effective, safe and user friendly. 

Josea researched the market and combined with consultation with Yoga trainers, posture experts and Chiropractors, the Grid Yoga Mat was born. Her love for Yoga continues as her postures have improved with proper positioning, keeping her body in balance and out of pain. She continues to grow her vision with other ergonomically designed yoga products.