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Sweat Matterz

The GRID Yoga Towel

The GRID Yoga Towel

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Elevate Your Home Yoga Practice with The GRID Yoga Towel by Sweat Matterz! Ready to take your home practice to the next level? Enter: The GRID Yoga Towel!

Eco-Friendly Wonder: Our towel is as eco-friendly as your tree pose! Made with sustainable materials, it's a guilt-free choice for a clean planet.

 Absorbent Magic: Say goodbye to those slippery sweat puddles! The GRID towel is super absorbent, keeping you secure and dry through every vinyasa.

 Lightning-Fast Drying: No more waiting around! This quick-drying wonder ensures your towel is ready for the next warrior pose in no time.

Smooth Suede-Like Feel: Feel the luxury with our suede-like texture. It's the perfect companion for your home yoga sanctuary.

Level up your practice, stay comfy, and make Mother Earth proud. Grab The GRID Yoga Towel from Sweat Matterz and become the yoga superstar you were born to be!

  • 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
  • Quick Dry
  • Ideal for Home Practice - Mindful Pilates, Yin, Stretching. 

Dimensions:  66.5”  X  24” or 169 cm X 61 cm

Cleaning Instructions: Machine wash in warm water.  Delicate dry or hang to dry.


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